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Welcome to NicolaQuinn.com

Not so long ago I was a mess, panic attacks day and night, ill health, until I discovered energy therapies. Now EFT, Reiki and Tachyon are part of my life and have changed me immeasurably.

I am still amazed that so few people understand that they have the power to change the way they feel, they just need the tools to do it in order to live richer, happier more fulfilling lives. You can read about some of those tools and techniques here and they can do the same for you too.

First, subscribe to my Free Anxiety Course to learn the technique that helped me overcome panic attacks. And now you can follow me on Twitter or catch up with me on Facebook and please do contact me if you have any questions or need any help at mail (at) nicolaquinn.com.

Onwards and upwards to stress free, joyous living,



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  News Panic Attacks - 5 Common Mistakes Panic Attack Sufferers Make

I know what it's like, that feeling of panic as it sweeps over you in a flash from nowhere. The feeling that you have to run and hide though can't move because of the weakness. That you have to instantly go to the toilet yet can't bear the thought of using a tiny public lavatory (suppose I get locked in?) And the sheer terror of not knowing when any of this might happen again. It's exhausting, day after day after day. It took me 15 years to find a cure but you can stop panic attacks now if you can correct these 5 mistakes that you are currently making.

  Posted by on Wednesday, December 31 @ 23:02:59 EST (12779 reads)
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  News Free! Anti-Anxiety and Panic Attacks Mini Course

To celebrate the release of my book Life Without Panic Attacks in paperback I have written an anti-anxiety course containing 10 extremely effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety quickly.

When I was at my worst I would have welcomed receiving these messages daily, if nothing else to give me something to do to take my mind off my awful feelings and as a reminder that I was not alone, that there was someone in my corner giving me encouragement, who knew what I was going through.

  Posted by on Tuesday, September 30 @ 06:16:08 EDT (9496 reads)
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  News Art Solutions - Healing Through Creativity

I remember reading Leslie Kenton's book about the menopause years ago and her saying that many women had found relief from their hot flushes (flashes) through painting or doing something creative. She said don't lie there in your bed thrashing in a pool of sweat, get up and paint something, write a poem, or put on some music and dance.

Yeah right I thought, what a wonderfully romantic idea, one that I couldn't see being translated into reality not with the exhaustion that sleepless nights cause. But, since Art Solutions I have experienced creativity as an enormous release and profoundly healing.

  Posted by on Wednesday, July 30 @ 06:16:08 EDT (8284 reads)
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  News Star Music - Messages From the Stars

Star Music by Nicola Quinn

I am very proud to report that my first album of Star Music is now available for instant download or to buy as a cd!

It was over two years ago that I had my first experience of hearing a tune while one night making a connection with Sirius. I have gone on to have many more intensely deep experiences and the music continues to flow with each encounter. There are many mysterious communications within each song and until very recently I was convinced they were solely for me.

  Posted by on Wednesday, July 30 @ 06:16:08 EDT (8821 reads)
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  News Free Downloads! - EFT Demo mp3, Bob Beck, Easy Grape Cure, MET Chakra and more..

Free Downloads

Subscribe now to my free downloads and newsletter and receive notifications when new additions to the library become available together with special offers and discounts on my products.

  Posted by on Wednesday, July 30 @ 06:13:43 EDT (15773 reads)
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  Energy Healing Self Help Alternative to Pain Killers!

Alternative Pain Relief by Nicola Quinn
We all know pain killers are not good for us, though just one now and then to stave off an oncoming headache can't hurt, can it? You may be surprised to know that on average each person takes a staggering 373 pain killers a year, and that is not taking into account the chronically sick. That is just ordinary people, reaching for an occasional paracetamol or nurofen.

  Posted by on Wednesday, July 30 @ 06:08:57 EDT (9128 reads)
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  Energy Healing Reiki: A Very Valuable and Practical Energy Therapy

Reiki: A Very Valuable and Practical Energy Therapy
Reiki as an every day, run of the mill, energy therapy may sound strange, especially with all the secrecy and fluff surrounding the initiations BUT energy is energy and I believe Reiki is just one part of, a frequency of, the Source energy so thereís no reason not to bring it into the ever bugeoning fold of remarkably effective energy therapies.

  Posted by on Friday, March 28 @ 09:47:18 EDT (7704 reads)
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  News Aromatherapy For Your Soul - Review

Aromatherapy For The Soul by Dr. Silvia Hartmann

Not only are the stories and illustrations for each oil in this book empowering and inspiring but the information in the companion book Creative Aromatherapy is pure delight. From making simple Aroma Foam to having fun with an Aroma Wand (to reach hard to get to places, amongst other things!) is creative genius.

And here we have another highly original concept from Dr. Silvia Hartmann, thoroughly researched with unflagging enthusiasm and presented with love.

  Posted by on Saturday, February 16 @ 04:39:17 EST (10900 reads)
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  News EmoTrance and My Arctic Adventure

Nicola in the Arctic Circle

Iíve just been on the most extraordinary journey to the Arctic Circle with my faithful friend EmoTrance which, once again, didnít let me down!

The ship was late sailing so there was plenty of opportunity to use EmoTrance on my exasperation and exhaustion while wandering around Bergen and happening upon groups of desolate boat people also waiting, waiting for news of the boatís current position. I just let each feeling soften and flow, whether it was a cramp in my shoulder from carrying my heavy bag around all day since early morning or a feeling of annoyance that they were keeping us waiting so long. It all flowed out and I was able to keep my spirits up when all about me were losing it, big time.

  Posted by on Tuesday, February 05 @ 09:49:44 EST (11939 reads)
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  News Water Cures Asthma! And Allergies and Heartburn and...

by Nicola Quinn

Water curing asthma?! If you think about it, it makes sense. You know how drying the wind is on the skin, how it dehydrates and chaps it quite quickly. Well the lungs are made of fragile membrane that dries out very quickly as we breath in and out.

If this tissue is starting to dehydrate the lungs shut down to protect themselves from becoming too brittle, and making sure the body is well hydrated stops this automatic process from kicking in. it makes breathing very difficult and simply making sure the body is well hydrated makes the tight chest of asthmatics and breathing difficulties disappear in most cases.

  Posted by on Thursday, November 15 @ 07:26:56 EST (11779 reads)
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  Energy Healing Products: Tachyon Energy Chakra Alignment Set

Tachyon Energy Chakra Alignment

When our chakras are vertical, as they are meant to be, we can align with the Source Energy and maintain balance and health, achieve emotional stability and deepen our spirituality.

In deep meditative states we catch fleeting glimpses of our potential, the challenge is to hold this alignment and take it back out into the world with us.

Until now Verticality has only been achievable during lengthy workshops but using the tools I have created it is now possible to verticalise your chakra system at home.

  Posted by on Wednesday, November 14 @ 03:52:49 EST (11556 reads)
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  Energy Healing Reiki 1 Healer - Distant Attunements

Online Course Reiki 1 Healer

Imagine what it would be like to have the Healing Force of the Universe at your fingertips to heal yourself and others and to assist you in your personal development!

With unique advanced distant quantum initiations you can now become a Reiki 1 Healer in the comfort of your own home, lovingly attuned by, and with full support from, internationally renowned Trainer and Reiki Master, Nicola Quinn.

You could be a Reiki 1 Healer this time next week!

  Posted by on Saturday, July 14 @ 03:29:04 EDT (13095 reads)
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  Energy Healing Products: Live EmoTrance Training Recordings Now Available!

Live EmoTrance Recordings with Nicola Quinn and Silvia Hartmann

EmoTrance is simply amazing, the easiest most effective energy healing technique on the planet today and I have had the privilege of co-developing this star of the therapy world with my good friend and colleague Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

With EmoTrance there is no more talking, needing to know what went wrong and when, all we need to know is WHERE IT HURTS and take it from there, swiftly and elegantly, to a state of Evenflow and on to joy and peace.

  Posted by on Friday, May 26 @ 06:55:26 EDT (8574 reads)
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  Tachyon Energy Products: Star Stones

Attune To Your Life's Purpose - Created by Nicola Quinn

These multi coloured, multi faceted jewels are portals for the enduring energy of the universe, for Tachyon Energy, the Source Energy, a personal channel for you alone, a treasure to cherish and know that it is supporting you in your growth, your love, your ways of being, a very special device to allow your energy to expand and embrace all of Creation, letting the patterns become a part of you in your search and yearning for the truth.

  Posted by on Friday, May 26 @ 06:32:18 EDT (12069 reads)
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  News Last Few Tickets For EmoTrance Practitioner and Trainer's Training!

Donít miss out on this superb chance to train with me, Silvia Hartmann and Steve Collins at Gatwick, UK at the end of April, 28-30th and become an EmoTrance Practitioner or Trainer or just to experience EmoTrance itself on the first day.

EmoTrance is simply the best (see my article below) and this is going to beÖ

  Posted by on Friday, March 31 @ 09:49:48 EST (7777 reads)
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  Energy Healing How To Lose Weight - Effortlessly!

by Nicola Quinn

Lose Weight Effortlessly with Dr. Silvia Hartmann's Superb Hypnotic Autogenic Induction

Iíve never had much problem with my weight but since hitting the menopause it has been piling onto my middle in the classic menopause way.

On top of coming to terms with hot flushes, sleepless nights and mood swings the weight gain has proved to be the one aspect that has thrown me the most.

  Posted by on Friday, February 24 @ 02:46:01 EST (9390 reads)
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  Tachyon Energy Information: Tachyon Energy Cells - How To Use Them

I am often asked about the best way to use the Tachyon Energy Cells so here is an introduction to their myriad uses.

Remember these are only suggestions based on my experiences, there are many many more I haven't even dreamed of yet!

  Posted by on Thursday, February 23 @ 05:09:50 EST (9027 reads)
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  Energy Healing Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Attacks 2: Breathing

Relaxed on a Cuban Beach at Dawn

IĎd been feeling on edge recently, very dizzy and unbalanced with increasing feelings of anxiety which didnít appear to have any reasonable cause, nothing particularly stressful was happening but the smallest thing was startling me.

I was becoming more and more uncomfortable and as I am going through the menopause I first looked in that direction, the menopause and anxiety, to see if that would throw any light on what was going on.

  Posted by on Tuesday, September 13 @ 05:57:05 EDT (39380 reads)
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  Energy Healing Why EmoTrance Is Simply The Best!

Quite simply EmoTrance is the easiest energy healing modality in the world today and that in my view makes it the best.

Once learned it is always there and because of its superb simplicity you can rely on it at a moment's notice. In fact the more you do it, the more spontaneously it occurs, you just become aware of energy moving through you.
  Posted by on Wednesday, August 17 @ 06:59:17 EDT (13359 reads)
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  Energy Healing Quick DIY Allergy Cure

by Nicola Quinn

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling very nauseous with sick headaches, a very livery feeling I am all too familiar with from years back.

I noticed a few days in that wheat and coffee made me feel worse so cut them out and felt a lot better and have been avoiding them since which in itself has been quite fascinating and has made me rethink my eating habits and I have been making interesting things and baking spelt bread and blending loads of fresh fruit smoothies for meals.
  Posted by on Thursday, June 09 @ 13:52:48 EDT (8447 reads)
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  News Dolphins Have Teeth!

EFT for the traumas but EmoTrance for the good stuff!
by Nicola Quinn

There is an interesting story behind this holiday photo. If it wasnít for EFT Iím not sure I would have been able to get into the water and have this lovely picture taken but it was EmoTrance that turned a personal triumph into a multi dimensional experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

  Posted by on Friday, April 15 @ 04:17:25 EDT (9049 reads)
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  News Happy Birthday Dr. Samuel Hahnemann!

Creator of Homoeopathy
It was 250 years ago today, 11th April, 1755, in Meissen Germany, that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was born and if it wasn’t for the fact that he had become so disillusioned with mainstream medicine, the practices of purging and bleeding, we probably would not have one of the most elegant, patient-centered healing modalities we have today.

  Posted by on Monday, April 11 @ 03:23:41 EDT (8257 reads)
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  News On Turning 50

by Nicola Quinn

Here is a little story which illustrates how our experiences can very easily be changed using the many excellent techniques we now have available to us.

What I thought was going to be a nasty and depressing time turned into a magical experience with a little help from a friend and a custom made ritual.

  Posted by on Tuesday, April 05 @ 02:03:27 EDT (9627 reads)
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  Energy Healing Information: The MET Chakra Protocol

by Nicola Quinn

Here is a lovely little protocol I created during a period of great stress and which proved a real lifesaver to me at that time.

It combines the use of Slow EFT and Tachyon and really helps to clear and balance the centres of the energy system thus allowing a free flow of energy which facilitates deeper healing.

  Posted by on Friday, February 11 @ 13:06:00 EST (9267 reads)
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  News REVIEW - MindMillion by Dr. Silvia Hartmann

MindMillion by Dr. Silvia Hartmann

MindMillion - Rags to Riches in 6 Phases by Dr. Silvia Hartmann is the extraordinary culmination of 5 years of research and investigation into poverty consciousness and how to finally get rid of it.

From the moment you decide to invest in this book a change will already have occurred within you. You will already have marked yourself out as a Ďrichí and more than ready and open to receiving and processing Dr. Hartmannís spot on techniques, patterns and exercises which will not only reveal the very real, Ďhardí world of Ďall the things your heart has ever desiredí but is, in itself, the catalyst for achieving these things.

  Posted by on Wednesday, December 29 @ 08:08:56 EST (8943 reads)
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  News Products: Life Without Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn

Read how I overcame 15 years of panic attacks with a simple technique.

If I can do it, you can too.

  Posted by on Thursday, November 18 @ 15:42:28 EST (12811 reads)
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  Tachyon Energy Products: Tachyon Energy Cells Focus Chi Energy

Tachyon Energy Cells for increased energy, healing, stress relief, meditation and much much more!
Tachyon Energy Cells direct Life Force Energy, the Source Energy, in a focused beam into any part of the body to remove blockages, relieve pain, balance an area and soothe the stress of an out of sync system or one that is low in energy.

  Posted by on Tuesday, September 14 @ 06:33:31 EDT (18127 reads)
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  Energy Healing EmoTrance Fast Track Practitioner Training with Nicola Quinn

Join me for an intensive one day EmoTrance
Practitioner Training in sunny Bexhill on Sea,
East Sussex!

EmoTrance is a beautifully simple process which once learnt can be applied to every aspect of your life. Learning this amazing technique will allow you to release emotional baggage as nature intended, in a free flowing and quite natural way. Experience working with human energy exchanges, energy nutrition, shields, your darkest secrets and oldest burdens and so much more.

  Posted by on Tuesday, April 27 @ 01:52:47 EDT (10868 reads)
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  News FREE! The Easy Grape Cure

by Nicola Quinn

Read the simplified version of Johanna Brandt's remarkable Grape Cure that completely cured her of stomach cancer in the 1920s and enabled her to live another full 40 years.

This easy to follow programme is also excellent for detoxing, weight loss and increased energy.

For your complimentary copy......
  Posted by on Tuesday, March 16 @ 00:11:04 EST (18540 reads)
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  News REVIEW - Living Energy - the Patterns and Techniques of EmoTrance, Vol 2

by Silvia Hartmann PhD

In November 2003, as co-creator of EmoTrance and organiser of the Living Energy Weekend I introduced Dr. Silvia Hartmann to a room full of excited people already on the edge of their seats and remember saying that whatever happens in the next couple of days, you WILL leave here a changed person, and of course I always forget that means me too!
  Posted by on Sunday, February 29 @ 15:14:56 EST (9571 reads)
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