Quick Effective Pain Relief with 4 Self Help Techniques

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Nicola Quinn's Health Blog

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  The Gentle Touch - Pain Relief Lesson 2
First Aid

One of the major uses of the Gentle Touch is in First Aid.

If there is pain from an injury, the Touch can almost always alleviate the pain
in seconds. The sooner you take away the pain the more effective is the
treatment. The muscle spasms associated with recent injury are violent and as a
result easy to detect and remove with the Touch.

The problem is that removing the pain does not necessarily imply that the underlying condition is corrected. The Touch is just too good at removing pain due to fractures. If there is even a remote possibility that there is a fracture or other serious effect, see a physician as soon as possible. Alleviating the pain while enroute to the emergency room or while waiting to be treated is also important.

A woman physician writes from a frontline village near Jerusalem:

Dear Paul:

I studied the manual myself and also let my husband and brother study it. My husband is a combat medic and my brother is a physician who also served in the army as such. Both were impressed with the technique and its potential. We have started to use it to help people around us and have had positive responses.

An even more impressive view of what can be done with nothing but the hands is the following letter from a South African healer:


All the following results are from migrant workers I used the Touch on who wish to remain anonymous and are unreachable as in having no address (some are probably illegal immigrants).

1) Adult male had a long gash from his knee to his ankle; it was recent and bleeding (but not badly). I used plastic dishwashing gloves and had very little sensation through them, in desperation I just jammed all four fingers together on his head, and then literally "squeezed" gently on both sides of the cut with my other hand -- it sealed itself closed almost immediately! Within minutes the man walked away. I received feedback from one of the locals that the man was well and had returned to Mozambique. (Authors note. As a result of this letter the Touch has been modified to include whole hand contact instead of just the index fingers)

2) Adult woman who had "lumps and bumps" on her arms and shoulders. We have no idea if these were benign or not. Some lumps felt hard to the touch and others were soft. The soft ones disappeared within minutes, the hard ones did not. I have no further information on this woman.

3) Adult woman was in severe pain in her arm, shoulder, and breast. The doctor was unavailable. I had nothing with which to protect my hands so I used cabbage leaves and again, because sensitivity is difficult, I just put my fingers together and worked in circles whilst clutching cabbage leaves with my thumb and forefinger. Her pain was eased within minutes, she is in the area, and I may see her at the weekend.

Paul, thank you for The Gentle Touch!

E.D. South Africa

It is letters like these that make my day and make me even more determined to make The Gentle Touch available to all mankind.

In the next lesson I'll write about using the Gentle Touch for low back pain. See you then!

Paul Newcomb
The Gentle Touch


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Published on: 2003-05-02 (947 reads)

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